The Job Holder
Stockton, CA, USA*0
Oct 13, 2019

Client Name

City of Stockton


Head DUTIES (Illustrative Only) 

  1. Works a PC and other standard office hardware. 
  2. Gets and screens guests and phone calls, thinks about messages, by and by handles guests/guests or alludes them to the legitimate gathering. 
  3. Gives data to inner and outside clients that may require the utilization of autonomous judgment or the translation of City or departmental arrangements and methodology. 
  4. Autonomously types correspondence, reports, structures, and other specific records identified with the elements of the authoritative unit to which relegated from drafts, notes, directed tapes, or brief guidelines; enters and additionally recovers information and plans archives using different PC programs. 
  5. Starts routine correspondence for mark by fitting administration, supervisory, or expert staff. 
  6. Audits an assortment of completed materials for culmination, precision, organization, and consistency with approaches and methodology and fitting English utilization. 
  7. Takes care of routine office managerial subtleties, for example, opening and conveying or handling mail, requesting supplies, organizing the fix of gear, transmitting data, staying up with the latest, and keeping educated regarding unit exercises. 
  8. Timetables gatherings, informs members, orders materials, gets ready plans, holds offices; makes travel, dinner and cabin courses of action; goes to such gatherings to accept notes as required. 
  9. Looks into, gathers, as well as updates an assortment of reports which may require the utilization of number juggling figurings and merging materials from a few sources. 
  10. Sets up and looks after records, forms structures explores and gathers data from such records. 
  11. May design, relegate, direct, and audit crafted by others on a task premise; may train staff in work systems.