Licensing Coordinator

The Job Holder
Corona, CA, USA
Oct 13, 2019

Client Name

Monster Energy


Fundamental Job Functions: 

  1. The Licensing organizer is answerable for arranging all examples and extra spaces for snappy reference. 
  2. Get residential permit gauging, sell-through reports and impart showcasing and limited time systems. 
  3. Help with handling, acquiring and satisfying worldwide/US orders for unique ventures. 
  4. Keep up the uncommon tasks WIP reports every day. 
  5. Give the Licensing Manager a refreshed report of what things have been conveyed and what has returned. 
  6. Continuing permitting covers refreshed and sorted out. Documenting LPSF in an opportune way. 
  7. Staying up with the latest. 
  8. Following sovereignty installments. 
  9. Helping with policing endeavors: eBay shutdowns or fake merchandise. 
  10. May be required to get in contact with licensees on an as required base. In any case, contact must be made with every licensee as well as a specialist like clockwork at the most recent to guarantee the item is being created and sold-in dependent on authoritative commitments. 
  11. May be required to address questions as well as worries on remarks/heading from the licensee. 
  12. Help with guaranteeing authorized bundling is created and pursues rules for every property. Whenever required, I will survey entries with the Creative/Design group. 
  13. Help with pulling items when required for occasions as well as expos. 
  14. Photo all last generation tests and submit to legitimate. 
  15. Perform different obligations as required.