Full Time On Road Shift Assistant

The Job Holder
Livermore, CA, USA
Oct 13, 2019

Client Name

Amazon.com Services, Inc.


General Responsibilities: 

  1. Aid the coordination of Delivery Associate (DA) preparing and ridealongs for new DAs 
  2. Guarantee vehicle neatness and appearance is kept up to standard and caught by means of DA examinations 
  3. Guarantee adherence to clothing standard gauges 
  4. Lead customary ridealongs with DAs for commitment and standard work adherence 
  5. Every day audit of DA execution to distinguish potential ridealong competitors 
  6. Now and again helping with creation obligations, preparing sort partners and confirming SOP consistency 
  7. Guarantee fruitful territory execution, through following and announcing measurements. 
  8. Get work process and day by day creation objectives 
  9. Audit and update SOP as required 
  10. Guarantee work zones stay clean and are furnished with legitimate hardware and supplies 
  11. Distinguish and address wellbeing perils inside the work territory 
  12. Mentor partners to work securely consistently and take an interest in wellbeing activities 
  13. Guarantee all activity wounds are accounted for convenient as per set up arrangement and system 
  14. Give guidance using free judgment 
  15. Keep meeting or surpassing of division execution objectives 


Occupation Requirements 


  1. Partners must be on favorable terms 
  2. Capacity to work adaptable calendars/shifts 
  3. Have a legitimate driver's permit in the condition of living arrangement 
  4. 21 years old or more seasoned 
  5. Capable in English adequate to fulfill US DOT guideline of capacity to peruse street signs and speak with administrative faculty 
  6. Ready to do the accompanying with or without sensible settlement: