Learning Coordinator

The Job Holder
Livermore, CA, USA
Oct 13, 2019

Client Name

Amazon.com Services, Inc.


The Learning Coordinator works with Operations Managers, Area Managers, Production Assistants, DSP Managers, Dispatchers, Drivers, and Sort Associates to arrange all preparation related exercises for the site. The person in this position will give significant level program assistance and authoritative administration. 

The Learning Coordinator will work with a Regional Learning Area Manager concentrated on coordinations and will hold obligations explicit to the Learning territory for every relegated site. By and large duties will incorporate the accompanying capacities: 


  1. Encourages preparing related projects; 
  2. Directions instructional courses dependent in the vicinity/provincial needs; 
  3. Claims following and giving post preparing questions to the site activities groups and the AMZL Learning Team; 
  4. Drives the execution of all learning-related reviews and supports any operational review activities; 
  5. Tracks execution and supports any distinguished retraining openings; 
  6. Reviews Powered Industrial Equipment Training system and coach standard work if pertinent; 
  7. Supports Area Readiness/Standard work programs for the site; 
  8. Creates and tracks the viability of preparing programs. Screen adherence to the built-up preparing projects to guarantee standard work in the preparation programs; 
  9. Looks for progressing aptitude improvement on a continuous premise (i.e., taking part and directing ability classes, broadly educating, and so forth.); 
  10. Archives input and review results to help the learning division recognize qualities just as a region of progress; 
  11. Evaluates improvement requirements for people and gatherings; 
  12. Gets work process and day by day creation objectives; 
  13. Take care of issues, responding rapidly and gainfully, filling in as an asset for explicit issues and undertaking the proper strides to determine; 
  14. Organizes various assignments; 
  15. Keeps up an uplifting frame of mind and nearness on the floor; and 
  16. Encourages and introduces to gatherings of up to 50 individuals in a class, including members at the administrative level. 
  17. A finished a Bachelor's Degree from a licensed college 
  18. Experience conveying preparing/data to peers, hourly partners, and senior administration, both independently and in gatherings 
  19. Experience conveying messages identified with execution 
  20. Capacity to give and get criticism successfully 
  21. Proof of capacity to organize, oversee and complete ventures with tight cutoff times 
  22. Capacity to adjust well to quick-paced situations with evolving conditions, course, and procedure 
  23. Want to flourish in a dynamic, developing condition 
  24. Past Kaizen/Continuous Improvement experience 
  25. Eagerness to work various moves and travel inside a confined locale to help different destinations 
  26. Assistance abilities – instructing, displaying, preparing 
  27. Comprehension of Delivery Station procedures and stream