Library Page

The Job Holder
Pleasanton, CA, USA
Oct 16, 2019

Client Name

City of Pleasanton



  1. Graduate or current enlistment in secondary school. Least 
  2. age: 16 (a work grant is required through age 18) 
  3. The situation of Library Page requires critical physical 
  4. action and the capacity to push trucks, lift as much as 25 pounds, 
  5. just as strolling, stooping and remaining all through the 
  6. move 
  7. Run of the mill DUTIES 
  8. Racking of all library materials 
  9. Checking in materials utilizing the library PC 
  10. framework 
  11. Hold library materials 
  12. Keep up rack request 
  13. Clear returned materials from the library backdrop 
  14. Work at a profits work area to help supporters with returns 
  15. Push trucks of gave books crosswise over library leaving 
  16. part to another city building 
  17. Help library supporters and staff find books and 
  18. materials as required