The Job Holder
Folsom, CA, USA
Oct 16, 2019

Client Name

City of Folsom


Instances of Essential Duties 

  1. Sort/hold library materials precisely as per library characterizations frameworks (in order and alphanumeric). 
  2. Perform rack perusing and revamp racks for the right area of materials and alluring appearance of racks. 
  3. Void book drops and check-in library materials utilizing an automated library framework. 
  4. Procedure library materials for dissemination. 
  5. Fix harmed library materials. 
  6. Find and recover materials for benefactor demands. 
  7. Help with library projects and shows. 
  8. Help with preparing volunteers. 
  9. Perform routine administrative and bolster undertakings. 
  10. Perform different obligations as doled out.