Children's Lead Bookseller

The Job Holder
San Bruno, CA, USA
Oct 16, 2019

Client Name

Barnes & Noble


Fundamental Functions 

  1. Convey uncommon client assistance that guarantees deals and elevated levels of consumer loyalty. 
  2. Execute on the four center assistance standards: put the book in the client's hand, offer to arrange, offer the Member program, and quick cashiering. 
  3. Welcome and set up compatibility with clients, proactively captivating them in discussions pretty much the entirety of our items, administrations (counting Kids Club) and advancements to decide their needs and prescribe the correct item. 
  4. Distinguish chances to expand deals by perceiving patterns and conveying in-stock situations to the board through shortlisting nearby intrigue and top-performing titles and items. 
  5. Guarantee all client exchanges are handled precisely and in an opportune way. 
  6. Offer master information and eagerness of the strength zone that interface the client with the correct arrangements or items. 
  7. Advance organization projects and activities, including Kids Club and limited time items. 
  8. React to client's worries and questions, and secure the deal. 
  9. Guarantee that items are put on the selling floor when gotten, distinguishing, arranging, racking, and zoning as per operational, visual marketing benchmarks and racking rules. 
  10. Recoup the selling floor during each move, by social occasion and restocking things, fixing shelves, keeping up tables in the Café, keeping up bathroom neatness, and performing other store housekeeping assignments as required. 
  11. Bolster business improvement deals and in-store occasions 
  12. Secure organization resources by sticking to all stock and misfortune counteractive action benchmarks, appropriately finishing any inventories and activities. 
  13. Tutor and help arrange and train new book shops, guaranteeing a smooth acclimation to the store and our bookselling society. 
  14. Aid any region of the store as required.