The Job Holder
Winder, GA, USA
Oct 17, 2019

Client Name

United States Postal Service



1. Makes at least one sortations of active or potentially approaching mail utilizing the fitting sort program or manual dissemination plot. 

2. On a pivot premise, plays out the majority of the accompanying obligations: loads mail onto robotized gear, winnowing out non-processable 

things; enters sort plan and starts gear; screens stream of mail to guarantee persistent feed; clears isolated mail from receptacles stackers; and stops gear when dispersion run or activity is finished. Runs machine reports, clears jams and contacts upkeep for help when required. 

3. Gets ready work region, guaranteeing all vital help gear and materials, including names, plate, and other holders, are set up. 

4. Expels arranged mail from receptacles or partitions and places into proper plate or holders for further handling or 

dispatch dependent on learning of working plans and dispatch plans, or at the guidance of managers or expediters; 

may riffle or check mail to guarantee sortation precision as required. 

5. Also, may play out any of the accompanying obligations: give administration at the open window to non-money related exchanges; 

keep up records of sends; look at equalizations ahead of time store records; and record and bill mail requiring extraordinary assistance. 

6. Pursues set up safe work strategies, systems, and security insurances while playing out all obligations. 

7. Performs different obligations as appointed