Staff Assistant - Part Time

The Job Holder
Statesboro, GA, USA
Oct 17, 2019

Client Name

Georgia Southern University


Fundamental Functions 

  1. Sets up the testing room with dividers, earphones, and pencils; signs in and burdens testing programming on PCs; separates the testing room and verifies gear and materials after the test. 
  2. Checks in test-takers, including verifying individual possessions of examinees during the test. 
  3. Watches examinees. 
  4. Keeps up quiet and calm testing conditions. 
  5. Investigates PC programming issues and raises testing issues to the merchant. 
  6. Wrecks utilized testing materials and keep up a stock of testing materials. 
  7. Speaks with the Coordinator of Testing Services testing issues. 
  8. Furnishes data and helps examinees with enlistment.