Distribution Associate - ATL

The Job Holder
Morrow, GA, USA
Oct 17, 2019

Client Name



Occupation Functions/Responsibilities 

  1. Getting – Accurately and gainfully confirms conveyance charges and checks items got. Recognize consistency issues, for example, overages, deficiencies harmed item, bundling issues and erroneous parts. Matches scanner tag stocking tag with relating parts. 
  2. Stocking – Accurately and profitably stocks material in proper areas thinking about amount, size, weight, volume and kind of item. 
  3. Request Picking – Accurately and gainfully process client requests choosing indicated part amounts from relegated stock areas including radio recurrence. Matches canister part numbers with PC request number. 
  4. Pressing – Accurately and profitably solidifies singular client orders, appropriately pressing things guaranteeing item won't be harmed in travel to the client. Harsh carpentry performed every so often. 
  5. Delivery – Accurately and gainfully gets ready starter transportation reporting weight, piece tally and cargo characterization of all item. Ship client arranges as steered stacking shipment on suitable transporter. 
  6. Aids the preparation of different workers. May perform different obligations, for example, support of stocking areas, cycle checking, not-in-stock research, pre-pressing, and so forth. 
  7. Customary full-time participation fundamental. 
  8. Basic broadly educating and pivot through all distribution center capacities as business needs direct.