The Job Holder
Atlanta, GA, USA
Oct 19, 2019

Client Name

United States Postal Service



1. Empties mail from trucks. Isolates all mail got from trucks and transports for dispatch to other passing on units what's more, isolates and conveys mail for conveyance to dispersion zones. 

2. Spots void sacks or pockets on racks names them where prearranged or where racks are obviously stamped, dumps mail from sacks, cuts ties, faces letter mail, conveys mail to wholesalers for preparing, places handled mail into sacks, expels filled sacks and pockets from racks and closes and bolts sacks and pockets. Grab's sacks, pockets, and outside pieces isolates active mass sends for dispatch and loads mail onto trucks. 

3. Handles and sacks void gear; investigates void hardware for mail and restrings sacks. 

4. Drops stamps on package post, work dropping machines and conveys mail from dropping machine to dispersion territory. 

5. Aids supply and slip rooms and works copier and related office hardware. 

6. What's more, may play out any of the accompanying obligations: make infrequent basic dispersion of bundle post mail that requires no plan information; work electric forklifts; rewrap harmed bundles; gauge approaching sacks; clean and clear work territories, workplaces restrooms, and trucks where work isn't performed by a normal cleaner. 

7. Works gear and apparatus doled out to the locale of the Mail Handler Union. 

8. Performs different obligations as allowed.