Inventory Control Clerk

The Job Holder
Vernon, CA, USA
Oct 20, 2019

Client Name

Flowserve Corporation


Execution Standards (Essential Duties and Responsibilities) 

  1. Wellbeing 
  2. Keeps up the work zone in a spotless and organized condition. 
  3. Performs minor support of instruments, and makes minor changes in accordance with gear worked. 
  4. Partakes and consents to all security models and preparing. 
  5. Works forklift, crane or other apparatus hardware, and hand and additionally controlled material dealing with gear. 
  6. Box Making and Crate Making 
  7. Spreads out/create/amasses all assortments of delivery cases and boxes for shipments. 
  8. Fabricates unique slides for transportation enormous things 
  9. Packs things for shipment, checking against pressing rundown for fulfillment. Gauges and stencils containers and boxes. Burdens shipments on bearers. 
  10. Works carpentry machine apparatuses. Utilizations craftsman's hand apparatuses and estimating instruments. Works from plans and shop science to build up measurements and material callouts. 
  11. Works control gear and instruments. 
  12. Material Moving 
  13. Plans technique for stacking/emptying, lifting, situating, verifying and moving things to guarantee safe transportation and conformance to conveyance directions. 
  14. Burdens/empties burden utilizing fitting material taking care of the hardware. 
  15. Finishes administrative work to accommodate substance of burdens with conveyance directions. Reports to concerned people any errors. 
  16. Aids upkeep, adjusting and protection of taking care of the hardware. 
  17. May give help to other material movers as required. 
  18. Parts Cleaning 
  19. Cleans all assortments of metal parts to evacuate oil, earth, and other outside materials. 
  20. Checks parts for tidiness and subsequent to preparing to decide whether surface medications meet with handling determinations. 
  21. Saw Operating 
  22. Sets up power saws to perform required cutting, choosing and mounting sharp edge or haggle feeds, stops, and aides. Introduces holding squares or clips for holding installations as required. 
  23. Works control slicing saws to perform on ferrous and non-ferrous materials. 
  24. Stamps, stencils or generally distinguishes parts or materials. 
  25. Works power saw hardware to cut crude materials. 
  26. Device Crib 
  27. Help with accepting for care an assortment of new or returned devices, dances, installations, defensive gear, supplies and related embellishments utilized in assembling tasks and support exercises. 
  28. Checks state of things to guarantee they are in great working request and meet particulars. Solicitations required substitution, fix, reconditioning or redesign of faulty tooling and related embellishments. 
  29. Stores things in proper canisters or lodgings. 
  30. Issues endless supply of proper approvals, finding and collecting stock for indicated employments. 
  31. Sets up and keeps up a stock record of things in stock. Suggests increment or abatement in stock levels. Demands required things to look after stock. 
  32. Spreads out capacity zones to oblige and recognize stock. 
  33. Gives help and coordination to work of partners, guaranteeing appropriate compromise of desk work covering receipt and issuance of stock. 
  34. Performs essential investigation of returned things, isolating and arranging broken, worn and utilized for recovery, rescue or rejecting. 
  35. Keeps up current record of receipt and issuance of hardware den things, accommodating desk work related there to. 
  36. Helps with taking stock of stock, as coordinated. Follows lost tooling. 
  37. Getting (Areas Preferred) 
  38. Physical receipt of products. 
  39. Apply explicit standardized identifications to explicit items. 
  40. Distribution center (Areas Preferred) 
  41. Physical set away of products. 
  42. Physical marking of receptacles and areas. 
  43. Cycle tallying; the physical tally of merchandise. 
  44. Packs, seals, addresses and gauge items or things for shipment. Fabricates standard sort delivery boxes and boxes to oblige shipment. Burdens shipments on transporters.