The Job Holder
California, USA
Oct 20, 2019

Client Name

United States Postal Service



1. Burdens bundles in conveyance succession in the vehicle. 

2. Conveys bundles to clients along an endorsed course. 

3. Sorts mail in conveyance arrangement for the doled out course. 

4. Gets and signs for responsible mail. 

5. Burdens mail and bundles in the vehicle. 

6. Conveys mail and bundles to clients along an endorsed course or as a helper associate by a vehicle; gathers monies and receipts for responsible mail; grabs mail from clients' roadside boxes. 

7. Outfits routine data concerning postal issues to the client. 

8. Returns mail gathered, undeliverable mail, and submits monies and receipts to post office. 

9. Gets ready suitable time records. 

10. Accommodates mail security consistently. 

11. May be required to give a vehicle to conveyance if a business gave vehicle isn't doled out.