Purchasing Receiver (Full Time)

The Job Holder
Laguna Beach, CA, USA
Oct 20, 2019

Client Name

Montage International


Fundamental FUNCTIONS 

  1. The storeroom representative reports legitimately to the executive of designing. 
  2. Examines merchants to source parts and gear. 
  3. Watches and investigates pace of utilization of various parts, lead time for requesting and accepting parts and gauging requesting and classifying action 
  4. Sets requesting focuses and amounts for use and stock administration. 
  5. Supports upkeep division by recognizing stock control levels important to guarantee satisfactory supplies of parts 
  6. Gets and assesses all shipments of materials, supplies and gear 
  7. Sorts out and keeps up parts stockpiling regions. 
  8. Unloads and stores materials, supplies, parts, devices, and hardware in a legitimate area. 
  9. Investigates got materials for the fulfillment of request and Purchase Order congruity. 
  10. Investigates got materials for harm, wear or deformity. 
  11. Resolves any inconsistencies with orders and finishes essential desk work to process or return supplies. 
  12. Requests and plans demand to keep up legitimate degrees of provisions and gear for vehicle support, signal upkeep, and track upkeep. 
  13. Recommends requesting timetables dependent on utilization rate, extra room, and conveyance time. 
  14. Keeps up documents on wellspring of item data with back-up providers when required. 
  15. Behaviors occasional physical stock utilizing manual and PC produced reports to accommodate stock supplies; Analyze errors and research issues. 
  16. Keeps up work territory in a perfect and methodical design. 
  17. Getting ready mid-month to spend reports, collection reports, and other requesting capacities for the DOE. 
  18. Information passage pioneer for Maintenance Connection for the designing office.