Materials Handler

The Job Holder
Thomasville, GA, USA
Oct 21, 2019

Client Name

Evoqua Water Technologies


Basic Job Duties 

  1. Peruses creation plan, client request, work request, shipping request, or demand to decide things to be moved, assembled, or dispersed. 
  2. Passes on materials and things from accepting or generation regions to capacity or to other assigned zones. 
  3. Sorts and places materials or things on racks, racks, or in containers as per foreordained grouping, for example, size, type, style, shading, or item code. 
  4. Fills demands, work requests, or demands for materials, or other stock things and appropriates things to creation zones. 
  5. Gathers client orders from stock and places arrange on beds. 
  6. Imprints materials with distinguishing data. 
  7. Opens bunches, cases, and different compartments. 
  8. Records measures of materials or things got or conveyed. 
  9. Gauges or tallies things for appropriation inside the plant to guarantee conformance to organization guidelines. 
  10. Utilizations PC to enter records. 
  11. Drives material taking care of gear to move put away things inside the distribution center. 
  12. Loads and empties trailers of palletized and non-palletized items. Uses manual and mechanized material taking care of the hardware. 
  13. Gets ready and takes a cycle tally stock of all product; records rely on cycle check sheets. 
  14. Practices and sticks to fitting security and cleanliness rules/strategies for safe housekeeping and individual insurance; keeps work territory clean; stores supplies in assigned territories; keeps work region walkways/leaves clear and free from hindrances; expels rubbish from work zone floor; adheres to guidelines for safe lifting/conveying of different sizes, shapes, and loads; recognizes/reports faulty gear; reports all activity related wounds to supervision. 
  15. Compulsory additional time might be required. 
  16. May perform different obligations as required.