The Job Holder
Kettleman City, CA, USA
Oct 22, 2019

Client Name

XPO Logistics


Move the freight that moves the globe forward.

At XPO supply, one among the world’s leading supply and transportation corporations, we offer the solutions that organizations around the globe forecast. As a Dockworker, you’ll play a crucial role in ensuring freight gets wherever it must go. You’ll work aboard a prime caliber management team that understands the transportation trade and the way to bring out your best. Become a neighborhood of our growing, dynamic team and we'll assist you to build a career you'll be happy with.
What you’ll do on a typical day:

Efficiently type, handle, load and unload palletized and non-palletized freight
Use applicably motorized and manual instrumentation, as well as a pallet jack, self-propelled vehicle and by hand
Secure freight within trailers mistreatment applicable tools and provides
Work in a secure, economical manner, adhering to company safety policies
Use mobile hand-held devices to scan and track shipments
Work on a dock that's not climate-controlled for extended periods of your time