Warehouse Worker - 10 hr

The Job Holder
Tracy, CA, USA
Nov 21, 2019

Client Name

Albertsons Companies


We are a 24hour/multi-day seven days activity with shifts beginning all through the 24-hour day. End of the week and occasion accessibility are required. Must have the option to work all movements. 

Necessities of this position incorporate, yet are not constrained to: 

  1. Must have the option to lift, twist, push, pull, stoop, hunch, reach, and stand/stroll on feet for up to 8,10, and 12 hours per day - REPETIVELY 
  2. Ready to work in temperatures going between 100 degrees F - to - 15 beneath zero 
  3. Fulfill profitability guidelines 

Wanted Skills: 

  1. Past case pack choice experience 
  2. Involvement in voice actuated headset 
  3. Past experience working in an efficiency standard condition 
  4. Key obligations incorporate, however, are not constrained to: 
  5. Driving an electric bed jack 
  6. Must keep up 100% generation execution 
  7. Guarantee the item is steady and effectively stacked on the bed. 
  8. Keep up a spotless and safe workplace 
  9. Different obligations appointed.