The Job Holder
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Nov 21, 2019

Client Name




Some work experience displaying duty, activity, and other initiative attributes. 

Acceptable participation and safe work record. 

Candidates for the situation of Assistant Passenger Conductor must will and ready to Work in a wide range of climate conditions including outrageous warmth, cold, a day off, downpour. Perform obligations in a situation requiring physical nimbleness so as to effectively get off/on train hardware, control self between vehicles, twist, reach, stoop, effectively and securely ride the side of trains, and lift an assortment of gear. Report for taking a shot at short notice and work ends of the week and occasions. Effectively complete a pre-work therapeutic assessment and medication screening. Submit to and pass intermittent therapeutic assessments just as arbitrary medication and liquor screenings. Pass a pre-talk with an evaluation to decide money taking care of and client assistance aptitudes. 

Whenever chose, the officeholder will be required to effectively finish a seven-to eight-week instructional class including study hall guidance and hands-on work pursued by broad qualifying and hands-on preparing related to the appointed Crew Base. Must have an ebb and flow legitimate drivers permit; must have a decent security record and earlier palatable occupation execution; must have either 2 years of full-time certain work history OR 2 years of full-time evident school work OR a blend of the two, comparing an aggregate of 2 years; and should live inside 2 hours of Crew Base.