The Job Holder
Albany, GA, USA
Nov 22, 2019

Client Name



Rundown OF DUTIES: 

The officeholder is engaged with at least one recreational exercises, for example, military or public venue exercises; youth exercises; outside amusement; specialty and side interest shops; games, wellness and sports programs; music, bowling, and theater as well as other comparative MCCS recreational administrations. 

Gives oversight of exercises and essential administrations to approved benefactors, remembering general data for the utilization of hardware. Gives data concerning offices and activity. 

Guarantees adherence to guidelines and security methods. Screens and checks the security of premises. 

May help with keeping up routine reports or potentially perform administrative, custodial as well as general upkeep obligations as required. May work a sales register, receive installments and make change. 

Furnishes World Class Customer Service with an accentuation on affability. Helps clients and imparts emphatically in a well disposed way. Makes a move to take care of issues rapidly. Cautions the more significant level administrator or legitimate purpose of contact for help when issues emerge. Holds fast to security guidelines and gauges. Quickly reports any watched working environment dangers, and any damage, word related ailment, as well as property harm coming about because of working environment setbacks to the prompt administrator. Clings to set up gauges while effectively supporting the standards of the EEO program and anticipation of inappropriate behavior.