The Job Holder
Waycross, GA, USA
Nov 22, 2019

Client Name

Juvenile Justice, Georgia Department of - DJJ


Obligations and Responsibilities: 

  1. Complete an everyday practice of errands and methods that include keeping up the neatness of Navy Lodge visitor rooms, open space, and other property territories as doled out. Guarantees' visitor rooms and other relegated property territories are perfect and respectable to Navy Lodge guidelines. 
  2. Tidies up visitor rooms and other allocated zones. Works cleaning hardware, for an example vacuum cleaner, waxer and polisher. Exhausts wastebaskets, tidies, waxes and cleans room furniture. Additionally washes dividers, segments, air vents, sanitizes and freshens up latrine bowls, restrooms, and so on. Washes and replaces window medications and washes roof apparatuses: changes lights and room segments utilizing stepping stools and frameworks. Moves furniture to clean under and behind; utilizes step stool to clean window and window medicines, bureau tops, mirrors and picture outlines. Cleans washroom regions including tub, tile, dividers, cabinet, floors and vanity. Cleans kitchen region including stoves, broilers, microwave, cooler, cupboards and floor. Purifies dishes, utensils and cookware. 
  3. Persistently conveys status of tidied up rooms and different spaces to boss through culmination of day by day assignments or property the board framework in the housekeeping division. 
  4. Answerable for the pass key and different keys as alloted. Returns all keys toward the finish of each move. 
  5. Must report promptly to the administrator such things as no gear in a stay-over visitor room, no administration required, rest outs, additional visitors, unapproved pets, and some other uncommon conditions. 
  6. Cleans vacuums and wipes passageways, stairways, visitor clothing, yards and overhangs. Shampoos mats/covers and cleans rails of stairways all the time. Finishes booked floor covering cleaning utilizing substantial (mechanical sort) cover cleaners and gear. 
  7. Helps the housekeeping office with booked profound tidying up of visitor rooms including moving furnishings. Keeps up neatness and request of extra spaces 
  8. Achieves minor fixes and support of gear utilized and reports to manager when significant fix or substitution is required. 
  9. Watches parking areas, outside entry ways, walkways and evacuates waste and trash as required. 
  10. May be required to stack and empty trucks/vans. Helps with the receipt of product from sellers, the gathering, partition, stockpiling and conveyance of product by opening boxes and containers. May likewise be required to move overwhelming boxes by lifting or hand truck. Utilizations regular hand instruments, for example, hammers, forceps, box cutters, crowbar and shears for cutting groups. 
  11. Reports any "lost and discovered" things to the housekeeping manager quickly, posting the room number or territory where it was found. 
  12. Liable for the set-up and breakdown/tidy up of the complimentary "self-administration" breakfast bar. Help with planning prepackaged breakfast things by amassing "take-out" breakfast sacks or setting things accessible to visitors in plain view. Guarantees encompassing territory comes back to its unique state and free of all left-over nourishment before the finish of assigned breakfast hour. 
  13. May be required to help with set-up and breakdown of seats and tables utilized during the extraordinary occasion, and clean prompt and encompassing territory upon the finish of the occasion.