Special Investigative Services Technician (SIS Technician)

The Job Holder
Lompoc, CA, USA
Nov 23, 2019

Client Name

US Department of Justice



This position is situated in a Federal Bureau of Prisons government restorative office, in the Special Investigative Services Office. The Special Investigative Services Technician fills in as a right hand to the Special Investigative Agent (SIA)/Special Investigative Supervisor (SIS) and is liable for giving help during examinations, creating reports, getting ready correspondence, looking after proof, and PC support. 

Unique Investigative Services Technician straightforwardly helps the SIA/SIS in leading examinations of detainee infringement of BOP precluded demonstrations of different seriousness levels, for example, ambushes, presentation of stash or opiates, ownership of cash or money, conveying group association as well as partaking in posse exercises, and other denied exercises. Examinations can go long from a few hours to weeks or months relying upon the seriousness 

Alongside all other remedial establishment workers, the Inmate Systems Supervisor is accused of duty regarding keeping up the security of the organization. The staff restorative duties go before all others required by this position and are performed on a standard and repeating premise.