Transportation Service Technician

The Job Holder
Santa Maria, CA, USA
Nov 23, 2019

Client Name

Santa Maria Joint Union High School District


Delegate DUTIES: 

  1. Review appointed vehicles (e.g., channels, battery, belts, wipers, brakes, liquid levels, 
  2. stuns, and so forth.) to guarantee the vehicle is in safe working condition. E 
  3. Perform preventive support program exercises (e.g., oil change, tire swelling, fill liquids, and so on.) identified with vehicle administration. E 
  4. Fix, pivot, equalization, and replace tires on armada vehicles and school transports. E 
  5. Help mechanics with significant fix work and upkeep of transports, vehicles, trucks, 
  6. uncompromising hardware, grounds gear, and so forth. E 
  7. Convey vehicles and parts. E 
  8. Steam clean motors; wash transports and armada vehicles. E 
  9. Keep up PC and paper records of vehicle examinations, as required. E 
  10. Keep up exact records of parts and supplies. E 
  11. May street test vehicles. E 
  12. Adjust to wellbeing benchmarks, as recommended. E 
  13. Perform related obligations as doled out.