Customer Service (BDC) Representatives

The Job Holder
Savannah, GA, USA
Nov 24, 2019

Client Name

CDJR FIAT of South Savannah


we offer: 

  1. Focused time-based compensation in addition to commissions and impetus rewards! 
  2. All joined = magnificent pay potential 
  3. Fantastic preparing! 
  4. Full advantages: therapeutic, dental, vision, extra security 
  5. 401(k) plan 
  6. Representative evaluating/limits 

Duties - BDC Sales Agent: 

  1. Go to the item and deals preparing 
  2. Be eager and make energy about our items 
  3. Contact our customers in different manners, for example, calls, writings, messages, visits, and recordings) to distinguish client's needs, present item data, answer their inquiries in a charming way, and help them as well as could be expected. 
  4. Speedily react to and follow up on web and phone requests in an expert way from potential clients fundamentally looking for data about item accessibility, estimating, and installment data. 
  5. Timetable arrangements for clients to visit our business we can sell them a vehicle. 
  6. Catch up with no-show clients 
  7. Catch up with clients in regards to their involvement with our vendor and to guarantee consumer loyalty and maintenance. 
  8. Oversee errands in a quick paced condition