Asset Protection / Loss Prevention Detective, Full Time: Arbor Place

The Job Holder
Douglasville, GA, USA
Nov 24, 2019

Client Name



Fundamental Functions: 

  1. React to client and partner occurrences to encourage medical aid and limit organization obligation 
  2. Recuperate taken product and capture shoplifters and others who perpetrate extortion or other criminal acts against the organization 
  3. Explore criminal infringement against the individual or property of any client or partner that is carried out on organization premises 
  4. Get ready incite and complete reports comparative with all robbery occurrences, stock recuperations, mishap examinations, reviews, and different exercises as appointed by the Asset Protection Manager 
  5. Know about and keep up exacting consistency with the law and friends arrangements concerning misgivings, searches and seizures, and the conservation of proof 
  6. Advance deficiency mindfulness and burglary prevention among partners by directing gatherings and taking an interest in preparing occasions 
  7. Effectively complete all Asset Protection preparing necessities including CPR and First Aid and keep up close to home confirmations as legally necessary 
  8. Lead reviews to guarantee deals office consistency to stock introduction guidelines and resource insurance strategies 
  9. Affirm in court concerning any case, criminal or common, wherein the organization is a gathering important to which the Asset Protection Store Detective is called 
  10. Takes a shot at uncommon assignments, examinations, and observation as coordinated by Store Asset Protection Manager 
  11. Reacts to caution conditions at the allotted store 
  12. Perform different obligations as fundamental 
  13. Pursue deficiency projects and techniques 
  14. Play out these capacities in a proficient way, as coordinated by the Supervisor 
  15. Standard, reliable participation and dependability