Customer Service Representative

The Job Holder
San Francisco, CA, USA
Nov 25, 2019

Client Name

Faneuil, Inc.


Fundamental Responsibilities 

  1. Giving data on Bay Area transportation options, including transport, ship, rail, bicycling and bicycle offer, stopping, and strolling, among others; 
  2. Giving point-to-direct suggestions toward options in contrast to driving alone. This will incorporate helping individuals confronting transportation challenges: youth, people with incapacities, more seasoned grown-ups, people with constrained earnings, and so forth and going about as an intermediary among guests and MTC, province portability the board focuses and other like assets; 
  3. Distributing Clipper® cards and adding esteem or travel goes to Clipper® cards; 
  4. Distributing FasTrak® toll labels, tolerating installment for toll infringement and increasing the value of toll labels; 
  5. Selling Bay Area Bike Share money participations to qualified low pay inhabitants; 
  6. Helping guests with finishing Air District air quality license applications; 
  7. Helping guests with innovation accessible inside the RRC space; 
  8. Selling transportation-related special things, possibly including drive gear, bike head protectors, transportation-themed shirts and other memorabilia; and 
  9. Giving assets to potential extra errands as coordinated by the three other provincial offices: Association of Bay Area Governments, Bay Area Air Quality Management District and the Bay Conservation and Development Commission. 
  10. Distinguish and evaluate clients' needs to accomplish fulfillment. 
  11. Give exact, substantial and complete data by utilizing the correct strategies/apparatuses. 
  12. Pursue correspondence systems, rules and strategies. 
  13. Different undertakings, as relegated.