Community Affairs Representative II (Temporary)

The Job Holder
Oakland, CA, USA
Nov 25, 2019

Client Name



Average duties may include: 

  1. As relegated, creates, oversees and leads network relations outreach for EBMUD programs, for example, actualizing group of spectators explicit effort for K-12 teachers and understudies; 
  2. As appointed, creates methodology and data for EBMUD outreach programs for capital/development activities, and directions the data conveyance through close to home contact with network individuals, neighborhood government delegates, EBMUD Board Members and network associations utilizing different specialized apparatuses; 
  3. As alloted, orchestrates and directs network contact programs intended to meet EBMUD targets, utilizing information on changing demeanors and assessments of the network; Drafts truth sheets, online life posts, contents and different materials, and plans photos, show sheets, broad media chronicles, correspondence, memoranda, reports, pamphlets and other composed materials intrigued local gatherings; 
  4. Illuminates local gatherings and nearby government offices of EBMUD 's strategies, interests, ventures, activity and worries through introductions and other applicable commitment at the network, neighborhood government, and accomplice organization gatherings and occasions. Screens progress of subjects applicable to EBMUD being proposed or getting looked at by neighborhood governments and administrative organizations, giving auspicious data to EBMUD 's the board; 
  5. Solicitations the board's remarks on different issues; prescribes reactions to explicit issues, grievances, and concerns originating from nearby offices and different gatherings, as coordinated; 
  6. Remains educated regarding current state guidelines, codes, laws, and enactment as they identify with EBMUD approaches and as they influence nearby government offices; 
  7. Works with other Public Affairs staff to facilitate open data and support on issues influencing nearby government organizations and different gatherings including gatherings, introductions and occasions – some of which are outside of typical business hours; 
  8. Directs and organizes voyages through EBMUD offices; 
  9. Works with staff from different divisions organize open introductions and follow-up by delegates for water preservation and contamination counteractive action activities by organizations, offices, and people; 
  10. As coordinated, helps with network effort and correspondences during crisis tasks; serves a reserve (available to come back to work) revolution for crisis reactions after business hours and on ends of the week. 
  11. Performs obligations on extraordinary ventures as coordinated by the administrator; and 
  12. Performs related obligations and duties, for example, database coordination and extraordinary occasion coordination as required.