Train Attendant (Conductor)

The Job Holder
San Diego, CA, USA
Nov 25, 2019

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Essential Activities and Responsibilities 

  1. To guarantee that there is a legitimate activity preparation with the Operator before moving any gear 
  2. To guarantee that there is appropriate correspondence between the Train Attendant and the Operator 
  3. To guarantee all SPRINTER travelers are securely on the train or stage before the Operator continuing. This will require verbal warning or in lieu of hand signal(s) to the Operator declaring that all travelers are clear and it is sheltered to continue. 
  4. If travelers must empty the train, the Train Attendant will guarantee that the travelers are kept educated regarding the conditions and course for clearing. The Train Attendant will meet with the Operator and once it has been resolved it is protected to de-train, the Train Attendant will guarantee travelers are securely de-prepared and moved to a position of wellbeing. 
  5. The Train Attendant will confirm that travelers have a substantial ticket while riding the SPRINTER framework. 
  6. The Train Attendant will help the Operator toward the finish of each run, including legitimate securement of the train (for example guaranteeing all travelers have left the train, the entryways have been shut, and the Train Crew can finish the pre-trip/post-trip undertakings). 
  7. The Train Attendant will be required to clear every vehicle toward the finish of each excursion to guarantee all travelers have de-prepared securely. Also, Train Attendants will be required to get rubbish, spills, spray painting, and so forth for evacuation and transfer. 
  8. The Train specialist will be required to quickly report any strange conditions or events to the Operator. This would incorporate any mechanical issues, security things, or crisis circumstances.