511 Operator

The Job Holder
Oakland, CA, USA
Nov 25, 2019

Client Name

Faneuil, Inc.


Least Requirements 

  1. Secondary School Diploma or GED (Technical/Associates degree liked) 
  2. Great information on the thruways and travel organizations of the San Francisco Bay Area 
  3. Capacity to peruse, fathom and adhere to Standard Operating Procedures 
  4. Phenomenal relational and relational abilities 
  5. Phenomenal information section and composing aptitudes 
  6. Regard for subtleties and work quality is required 
  7. Capacity to work in a group situation 
  8. Capacity to perform multiple tasks 
  9. Capacity to work substitute timetables or expanded hours during crises 
  10. Talented in the utilization of online applications