Material Handler

The Job Holder
Rincon, GA, USA
Nov 26, 2019

Client Name

NFI Industries


Basic Duties and Responsibilities: 

  1. Loads and empties cargo in a proficient and safe way. 
  2. Meet profitability prerequisites as required. 
  3. Capacity to work manual and electric material dealing with hardware, for example, hand jacks. 
  4. Moves item to capacity territory with legitimate hardware and proficiently stack and store stock in the suitable territories. 
  5. Picks orders for shipment and collects different sorts of products to be delivered. 
  6. Procedure orders including picking, checking, arranging, and merging cargo, wrapping beds, pressing stacking and shipment affirmation of client orders. 
  7. Works material dealing with gear in a sheltered and proficient way, as required. 
  8. Checks and confirms cargo for precision and additionally harm and invasion. 
  9. Record data, for example, weight, time, and date bundled. 
  10. Keeps up a perfect, flawless and organized work zone. 
  11. Helps with keeping up the security of the stockroom. 
  12. Behaviors activities in a way of advancing wellbeing. 
  13. Behaviors sanitation works as mentioned. 
  14. Aids physical inventories, as required.