Custodial Worker (CYS) NA-02

The Job Holder
Fort Benning, GA, USA
Nov 30, 2019

Client Name

US Department of the Army



  1. Performs housekeeping obligations in a kid advancement focus, school-age care office, or youth focus: Preparing and conveying dye arrangement, disinfecting, recharging supplies, cleaning, conveying supplies, purging refuse. 
  2. It may be required to clean floors and tables. Gives routine light cleaning/tidying of study halls/movement regions and materials as required. May be required to clear/mop utilizing standard hardware, for example, floor brushes and vacuum cleaners. 
  3. Gets dirty materials from the study hall and trucks them to the pantry. 
  4. Washes and dries materials and towels utilizing standard, family unit grade clothing machine and dryer; returns clean cloths to study halls. Makes up lodgings. 
  5. May be required to wash staff regalia. Tidies up pantry. May be required to keep up stock of staff garbs.