Customer Service Representatives (CSR)

The Job Holder
Kennesaw, GA, USA
Nov 30, 2019

Client Name

Faneuil, Inc.



  1. Handle client and retailer requests. 
  2. Procedure request calls, start administration arranges and give administration request notices. 
  3. Procedure charging calls; explore meter read and different request identifying with charging exactness or installment. 
  4. Procedure client move-ins include and move. 
  5. Procedures correspondence and update client accounts. May make composed correspondence to determine request. 
  6. Handling discounts, remuneration demands, and changes to accounts. 
  7. Appraisal and re-evaluation of installment courses of action, giving data about current offers accessible. 
  8. Course heightened client issues to more significant level workers for goals. 
  9. Tag, log, or generally empower main driver examination for each non-crisis call for announcing purposes. 
  10. Execute outbound call informing as demonstrated for different purposes for example assortments, administration orders, tree cutting, road lights, refusal of access, and watchman lights. 
  11. Make referrals and procedure demands seeing extraordinary projects, for example, Energy Assistance, CRISIS, Dollar Energy and different projects as important 
  12. Complete essential modifications as laid out in work help