Merchandising Service Associate

The Job Holder
Salinas, CA, USA
Dec 01, 2019

Client Name

Lowe's Inc.


What You Need To Succeed 

Least Qualifications 

  1. Capacity to peruse, compose, and perform fundamental number juggling (expansion, subtraction). 
  2. Capacity to work medium-term and ends of the week as required. 
  3. Capacity to use electronic PC projects to achieve allocated undertakings. 

Favored Qualifications 

  1. Secondary school confirmation or proportionate. 
  2. a half year of Lowe's business floor understanding. 
  3. a half year of experience performing item marketing undertakings including perusing planograms, setting up and tearing down showcases. 
  4. 3 months of experience working force gear, for example, lifts, request pickers, and comparative hardware 
  5. Working information on fundamental apparatuses required for the activity (e.g., hand instruments, drills, saws).