The Job Holder
Milpitas, CA, USA
Dec 01, 2019

Client Name

United States Postal Service



1. Makes or helps with making minor support fixes to building and hardware. 

2. In littler structures helps the firefighter worker in terminating the heater; in firefighters worker's nonattendance terminates and cleans the kettle. 

3. Works an assortment of intensity driven gear, for example, floor scrubbers, floor sanders, waxers, and divider washers; changes brushes, cradles, and different connections on machines; utilizes wax, clean, and other defensive specialists suitable for the different surfaces; washes dividers and roofs from the framework. 

4. Performs general working obligations, for example, uncrating and amassing furniture and installations utilizing fasteners and screws for a get-together, stacking and emptying supplies and gear. 

5. Performs janitorial obligations, for example, cleaning, scouring, waxing, and cleaning floors; washes dividers and roof; tidies furniture and apparatuses; cleans equipment and latrine installations; washes windows; thinks about yards and bushes; cleans walkways and garages and expels remains, day office. 

6. What's more, may: work lift, stack supplies away rooms and on racks; move furniture and hardware.