Merchandise Associate

The Job Holder
Moraga, CA, USA
Dec 01, 2019

Client Name

The TJX Companies, Inc.



  1. Good examples built up client experience rehearses with inner and outside clients 
  2. Supports and typifies a positive store culture through genuineness, trustworthiness, and regard 
  3. Precisely rings client buys/returns and tallies change back to the client as indicated by setting up working methods 
  4. Advances credit and faithfulness programs during client associations 
  5. Keeps up and maintains marketing theory and adheres to built up promoting systems and norms 
  6. Precisely forms and gets the ready product for the business floor adhering to organization systems and norms 
  7. Starts and takes an interest in store recuperation as required for the duration of the day 
  8. Keeps up all hierarchical, neatness, and recuperation norms for the business floor and takes an interest in the support/tidiness of the whole store 
  9. Gives and acknowledges continuous acknowledgment and valuable input 
  10. Sticks to all work laws, strategies, and techniques 
  11. Supports and takes part in-store therapist decrease objectives and projects 
  12. Takes part in wellbeing mindfulness and upkeep of a hazard free condition 
  13. Performs different obligations as doled out