Customer Service Representative

The Job Holder
Savannah, GA, USA
Dec 02, 2019

Client Name

The Place



  1. Noting inbound telephone calls with respect to a client's record 
  2. Making outbound calls to catch up on clients when essential 
  3. Keeping up self-restraint in heightened circumstances 
  4. Building client connections, procuring their faithfulness and trust. 
  5. Working precisely and productively in a quick-paced condition 
  6. Taking care of various obligations one after another 
  7. Qualified up-and-comers will be agreeable in performing multiple tasks, high-vitality conditions. They will be inventive and logical issue solvers with energy for brilliant client care 
  8. Handle client grievances give proper arrangements and choices inside as far as possible; follow up to guarantee goals 
  9. Track client communications, process client records, and record archives 
  10. Pursue correspondence methods, rules and approaches