Stock Clerk

The Job Holder
San Diego, CA, USA
Dec 04, 2019

Client Name

County of San Diego


Training and additionally Experience: 

Six (6) months of storeroom involvement with getting, putting away, giving, conveying, and reviewing supplies, materials, and gear. 

Note: Depending on the task, select positions may require ownership of a substantial Certified Forklift Operator's permit from a perceived office or association inside thirty (30) days after the arrangement. 

Working Conditions 

Work basically happens inside an office or storeroom condition or distribution center condition (separate structure). Work includes visit travel to different areas inside the County to get or convey things. At the point when allocated to a distribution center, work includes a periodic introduction to statures, uproarious machine clamors, undesirable smells, vaporous exhaust, residue, flotsam and jetsam, and shifting temperatures. At the point when appointed to the Sheriff's Department, work includes visit collaboration with grown-up detainees who might be uncooperative, vexed, threatening, and possibly brutal. 

Foundation Qualifications: 

  1. Offense, as well as lawful offense feelings, might be precluding relying upon the type, number, seriousness, and recency. 
  2. Must have gained notoriety for genuineness and dependability. 
  3. Before arrangement, applicants will be dependent upon a careful foundation examination which may incorporate a fact confirmation assessment or test.