Produce Clerk

The Job Holder
Walnut Creek, CA 94597, USA
Dec 04, 2019

Client Name

Sprouts Farmers Market



To be a Produce Clerk at Sprouts Farmers Market you should: 

  1. Be in any event 18 years old, and have a secondary school confirmation or proportionate and have a fundamental information on math, loads, and measures. 
  2. Be trustworthy and solid 
  3. Have and show an active and neighborly conduct; an uplifting frame of mind and the capacity to associate with our clients 
  4. Can work an adaptable timetable that changes as the business changes including evenings, ends of the week and occasions 
  5. Have great relational abilities; and the capacity to take bearing and take an interest in a group domain 
  6. Perform general housekeeping in the division; clean and disinfect work territory (counting tables, floor, dividers, cases, cooler, cooler, and so forth.). 
  7. Hold fast to all security, wellbeing, loads, and measures guidelines; must accomplish and keep up a Food Handlers grant 
  8. Requires standing, strolling, twisting, moving all through the whole work day and the capacity to lift, stack and move overwhelming items weighing up to 50 lbs., from 4" to 72", for a separation up 3 feet for between 10-50 hours without mechanical help. 
  9. Strolling an aggregate up to 5 miles in a 8 hour move ought not out of the ordinary. 
  10. Have the option to perform different obligations as required.