Grocery Team Member (Stocking, Inventory, Floor Customer Service)

The Job Holder
Paloalto, CA, USA
Dec 07, 2019

Client Name

Whole Foods Market


Employment Responsibilities 

  1. Guarantees a new and engaging showcase by keeping cases and retires spotless and very much loaded by forward-looking, checking codes, pivoting and evacuating outdated items. 
  2. Stocks and cleans basic food item retires, mass containers, solidified and dairy cases. 
  3. Screens and avoids deterioration and conveys waste to purchasers, Team Leaders, and move director. 
  4. Keeps up back stock in great request. 
  5. Helps with examining program, keeping test zones full, spotless and engaging. 
  6. Finishes deterioration, testing, temperature, and clear worksheets as required. 
  7. Helps with intermittent stock checks. 
  8. Lands to work station on schedule, properly prepared, dressed and prepared to work; works every planned move and goes to required training and gatherings. 
  9. Gives phenomenal client care, addresses the needs of clients in an auspicious and successful way and models intriguing selling procedures; answers telephones and pages instantly and respectfully. 
  10. Amplifies deals potential through compelling and legitimate systems for preparing, putting away, turning, stocking, and promoting item. 
  11. Pursues and agrees, or guarantees consistence, with set up methodology, including Weights and Measures, wellbeing and sanitation, and safe work rehearses. 
  12. Keeps up, or guarantees support of, a spotless and sterile working and shopping condition; keeps up the hardware as per WFM tidiness and security gauges. 
  13. Performs opening, mid, and shutting obligations as doled out; guarantees the exactness of signs and values. 
  14. Promptly reports wellbeing risks and infringement. 
  15. Performs different obligations as allocated by store, provincial, or national administration.