Grocery Clerk

The Job Holder
Lincoln, CA 95648, USA
Dec 07, 2019

Client Name

Sprouts Farmers Market


To be a Grocery Clerk at Sprouts Farmers Market you should: 

  1. Be in any event 18 years old, trustworthy and solid 
  2. Have and show an active and cordial conduct 
  3. Have an uplifting demeanor and the capacity to collaborate with our clients 
  4. Should vertically/on a level plane exchange takes care of weighing to 60 lbs., from 5" to 34", for separation up to 5 feet for as long as 25 hours without mechanical help. 
  5. Can work an adaptable calendar that changes as the business does 
  6. Have great relational abilities, and the capacity to take heading and take an interest in a group domain 
  7. Have the option to perform redundant exercises, and can perform various tasks, organize and remain sorted out 
  8. Have a High school recognition or proportional, or one to a quarter of a year related encounter or potentially preparing; or a satisfactory mix of instruction and experience